The struggles of being a young photographer in an over saturated market. / by Garrett Vollstaedt

My first blog post may seem like a bit of a rant but there is a couple of things I would like to get off my chest.

Please don't take anything I am going to talk about in the wrong way, I have loved every minute of being a photographer and diving head first into the industry with no real rhyme or reason.

Going into this I had the highest aspirations for myself, I was so sure of my work that I figured my photos would be on the front cover of every magazine from Calgary to Cape Town, boy was I wrong.

That being said, I have reached so many walls and broken through them, taken some paths while avoiding others. The biggest discovery I have made in my limited time in the industry is that you cant take anything for granted. I have been given many opportunities, succeeded in most but failed in others. I personally think that in most things in life, much like in photography you have to learn from your mistakes and continuously strive for improvement. The very second you find yourself not striving for greatness is the moment you will never reach it.

Of course people are going to pick the more experienced photographer to do their wedding, or their child's birthday. Of course someone's eye may not fully align with someone else's when it comes to what a good image is, and that is perfectly ok. What I have really discovered is that you have to take it one step at a time and appreciate every single thing that is given to you. I have such respect for every single person I have worked with, and every other photographer who has made it in the industry, my hats off to you.

I have such love for all my fans and everyone who has helped support me on my journey thus far.

Thank you.